100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Heat Trace Systems

Self-regulating electric heat trace systems from BARTEC offer cable and components that are suitable for light duty manufacturing areas to the most demanding heavy chemical and hazardous areas. Cables and components are suitable for both explosion-proof areas and steam cleanable applications.  

Cross Company can size a system for your specific needs and provide a bill of materials or complete turn-key solutions for larger jobs. We cover both freeze protection jobs as well as pipes such as acid and caustic lines that require controlled elevated temperatures. 


    • Simple project planning of heating circuits
    • Self-limiting, without overheating while overlapping
    • Limiter is not required
    • Easy installation due to on-site assembly
    • Installation in commercial, industrial and Ex-area
    • Certificate for the system according to IEC/EN 60079-30-1
    • Junction boxes made of polyester, stainless steel and aluminum available
    • Calculation and design-software — Free Download
    • Direct entry in a junction box possible

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