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Heat Trace Systems

Self-regulating electric heat trace systems keep pipes from freezing, maintain a constant temperature in pipes and can aid during a heating up process.  For a full description of this leading edge technology, read our article, The Basics of Electric Heat Trace Technology.

Heat trace cable and components are suitable for:

  • Light duty manufacturing areas all the way to the most demanding heavy chemical and hazardous areas
  • Explosion-proof areas
  • Steam cleanable applications
Heat Trace Systems 1


    • Heat trace technology is very efficient
    • Systems are easy to access should maintenance be required
    • Heat trace systems are easy to design
    • They can also be quickly and easily installed

Cross Company is proud to partner with Bartec and their leading line of electrical heat trace systems and components.  We can help size a system for your specific needs and provide a bill of materials or provide a complete turn-key solution for larger jobs. We cover both freeze protection jobs as well as pipes such as acid and caustic lines that require controlled elevated temperatures.

Are you interested in learning more about how heat trace systems can protect your operation? Contact us today to discuss your project or application with a Cross team member.

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