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Crops and Perishable Foods

Monitor and measure all parts of your operation

The crop production industry faces many challenges: competition for natural resources, shifting consumer preferences and changing patterns of food consumption.  All the while, to remain viable, farmers must create additional yield on existing land through productivity and technology improvements.

These pressures combine to make today’s farm more data-driven than ever, which is where J.A. King can help.  Weight data is a key input into all agronomic decisions.  From balances and bench scales to truck scales for inbound raw materials and outbound product, J.A. King is your go to source for new scales, calibration and repair.

When it comes to perishable foods, time is of the essence.  You can’t wait around to make sure your scale is weighing accurately or your refrigerator is the correct temperature. J.A. King can with monitoring other critical parameters, including temperature, pressure, moisture content and pH.  Whether it’s a DICKEY-john moisture analyzer or temperature controllers, we’ve got your measurement needs covered in the crops and perishable foods.  Don’t forget to have all your measurement equipment calibrated regularly by J.A. King’s world-class technical team to keep your equipment reading accurately

Providing Tangible Value

  • Improve Efficiency: Precisely monitor and measure all parts of your operation to ensure you’re as efficient and as profitable as possible
  • Reduce Downtime: High quality products which are regularly serviced and calibrated are less likely to break down or measure inaccurately when you need them.
  • Maximize efficiency: Collecting weight information allows you to make data-driven decisions about your growing/production.
Perishable Foods

A range of expertise for Crops and Perishable Foods

No matter what you’re growing or processing, Cross is here to help. We offer a range of products, services and complete solutions for agriculture. Take a look at each below:



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