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Product Spotlight: Kreon Onyx Portable Measuring Arm

Product Spotlight: Kreon Onyx Portable Measuring Arm 1

Kreon Debuts Onyx Portable Measuring Arm

Kreon recently launched a new portable measuring arm – the Onyx. High accuracy, and light weight with a removable handle, the Onyx Portable Measuring Arm is the latest in a series of 3d measurement solutions from Kreon, offering the “epitome of high performance” and “a better definition of 3d measurement”. Take a look at some of the highlights and reach out to a Cross precision measurement expert to learn more about utilizing an Onxy Portable Measuring Arm in your operation.

The best of scanning with Skyline Scanners

Perfectly integrated into the Onyx measuring arm, Skyline three-dimensional scanners provide high speed, resolution and precision for scanning all kinds of parts in record time. Industrial parts, regardless of their size, can be scanned easily and in minute detail. Learn more about Skyline Scanners.


With extremely high resolution encoders, the Onyx is the most accurate measuring arm in the Kreon range. It offers the best 3D measuring of technical parts to the finest tolerances, guaranteeing high production quality.

Quick View Screen

Clear visualization and easy control of main arm settings such as batter charge, ambient temperature, arm status, wifi, and bluetooth. 

The Kreon Onyx is available in both 6-axis and 7-axis varieties. The 6-axis is ideal for probing accuracy while the 7 axis is great for scanning ergonomics.

Check out the more features and benefits of the Onyx

As a distributor for Kreon in the U.S. Cross offers the full lineup of Kreon measuring arms and can help your team determine which measuring arm is best for your application. Reach out to our local team to see a demonstration and get a quote for implementing a 3d measuring arm into your operation.

See how our team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

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