100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Application Note: Solution for Non-Commercial Grill

Cross Hose and Fittings Team Helps Customer with Non-Commercial Grill

Cross Hose & Fittings Stores help customers of all sizes, from giant manufacturing facilities to individual homeowners. No matter the size of the customer, it is our top priority to provide high-quality solutions to even the most challenging problems. Recently, we were contacted by a homeowner, Rick, who had a hose need and wasn’t able to find an off the shelf solution.

Application Note: Solution for Non-Commercial Grill 6

Rick recently built a new home with a propane line running to the house. Because he enjoys grilling, he asked the builder to leave him a hook up for his grill so he could grill as much as he likes without having to bother with filling tanks. As you might imagine, getting his grill connected was a top priority. Unfortunately, the propane hookup was about twenty feet from where he wanted his grill. After shopping tirelessly for a connector hose with no luck, he reached out to his propane supplier for suggestions.

The propane company referred Rick to Cross Company, so he reached out to our Asheville Hose & Fittings store. The custom hose our team assembled for Rick utilized SS25UL-6-RL with 10826-6-6 as an assembly and 48F-6-8 for the adapter. When asked about his experience, Rick said, “Brett took my call and we quickly went to work on finding a solution. We did everything via email as I am 45 miles from the nearest location. Took a few pictures and we were off to the races. We got to a price for the final customized product and it shipped the following day…all within a couple of hours. Not too shabby customer service!”

Whether your need is big or small, Cross is here to help! Contact us today for help with your hose & fitting needs.

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