100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Biomass Cogeneration Project for Nippon Paper Industries

Cross Helps Nippon Paper Industries Implement New Biomass Cogeneration Project

Cross Company worked closely with Nippon Paper Industries’ Port Angeles, WA plant as they built a new biomass cogeneration facility. The process solutions group at Cross implemented all of the programming, startup and checkout services for the biomass fuel yard, boiler, and cooling tower. In addition, our team integrated many third part systems, such as the water treatment, precipitator, burner management, and turbine generator.

Cross also provided all of the control panels, which house the Emerson DeltaV hardware and the GE RX3i processors. The Nippon Paper Industries biomass cogernation project is the first of two in the North Olympic Peninsula. The dedication to more efficient power sources is both an environmentally responsible and business-minded decision.

There are two aspects of energy efficiency at play: the use of biomass to produce power and the reuse of this heat it produces. Due to the richly wooded area surrounding Port Angeles, and the resulting wood-harvesting businesses, Nippon’s plant has been using biomass for many years. In this process, a large amount of waste wood is burned to produce power. This process produces waste heat, which typically is released into the environment, sometimes through cooling towers. In the new cogeneration setup, this waste heat will capture and repurposed. 

The biomass facility’s new additions include a new boiler, turbine, generator, fuel handling system, and sophisticated environmental controls – all of which the Cross team helped program and implement. This facility was designed to produce 20 Megawatts of spare electricity (distinct from the amount used to power the paper mill) for renewable commercial use. 

Case Study: Nippon Paper 6

This image displays the “green zone”, from which waste wood will be collected to burn in Nippon’s biomass cogernation facility. The blue dot is the Nippon facility. The red dot is a separate biomass boiler. 

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