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Case Study: Lindy’s Ice Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Case Study: Lindy's Ice Remote Temperature Monitoring System 1

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Lindy’s Homemade Italian Ice manufactures thirteen flavors of high quality, traditional Italian ice and high protein frozen desserts in their corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC. The company operates a 50,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse, maintained at a constant 0°F and capable of storing up to 2,300 pallets. Lindy’s shares this space with a subsidiary, Christie’s Cold Storage, which offers third party cold storage and logistics.

Historically, Lindy’s relied on small thermometers mounted on support columns to keep track of the temperature in their cold storage. Several times a day, someone had to walk around the refrigerated warehouse, collecting data by hand and then manually entering the information into the company’s quality system. Not only was this time consuming, but the small thermometers weren’t very accurate, leading to higher than expected temperatures. They were also mounted primarily for convenience in reading, rather than placed optimally in the freezer, and were prone to being bumped by forklifts.

Lindy’s knew it was time to revamp how they monitored freezer temperature when they began implementing a new quality system with extensive documentation requirements. J.A. King was selected for the project because the management team had past positive experience working with J.A. King for precision measurement solutions.

J.A. King’s custom engineering department designed a real-time air temperature monitoring system, which included four probes, custom software with graphing capability and alerts via phone, text and email. It is accurate to within ±0.3°F and also records real time humidity and dewpoint. Said Mike Karn, Lindy’s Vice President of Operations, “It is one of the most valuable tools we have.”

Lindys Temperature Control User Interface

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