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Founded in 1971, LinTech manufacturers, rails, bearings, shafting, actuators and other mechanical positioning components and systems for all types of motion applications. Standard positioning components include; precision linear shafting, shaft supports, shaft assemblies, round rail linear bearings, super ball bushings, pillow blocks, carriage assemblies, profile rail (square rail) linear LM guides, and ball screw assemblies.

In addition to standard positioning components, LinTech also offers full standard positioning systems which include; linear motion positioning actuators, slides, stages and tables consist of a linear bearing and mechanical drive system (either a screw or a belt) into a finished product ready for the mounting of a motor & control system.  Take a look at the full product offering from LinTech:

  • Screw Driven Linear Slides
  • Belt Driven Linear Actuators
  • Rotary Positioning Tables
  • Ball Screw Assemblies
  • Precision Linear Shafting
  • Shaft Assemblies
  • Shaft Supports
  • Linear Bearings – Profile Rail
  • Linear Bearings – Round Rail
  • Pillow Blocks
  • Carriage Assemblies
  • Custom Assemblies

Available In The Following Areas

With an extensive background in a variety of industries, Cross has relationships with a number of leading brands, including exclusive distributorships in some areas. We are proud to offer Lintech in the following areas:





North Carolina

South Carolina



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