100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954


Kawasaki 1

Kawasaki is a total systems engineering company, leading the way in hydraulics and supplying equipment for a huge range of applications including industrial, construction and marine.  Each component they design and every system they manufacture is the result of nearly 100 years of cutting-edge research from across the entire Kawasaki Group.

Wherever there’s a need for lifting, pumping, moving, steering or controlling, you will find Kawasaki’s advanced technologies. Every day their products work hard to boost fuel efficiency, cut energy waste and maximize output.

Kawasaki 2
Kawasaki M7V High Speed Motor
Kawasaki 3
Kawasaki K3VL Piston Pump

The experts in Cross’s Mobile Systems Integration group work with a variety of vendors to help you select the right combination of products that’s perfectly tailored for your mobile application.  Kawasaki’s motors, pumps and valves are a key piece in our toolkit.  Contact us today to discuss your machine and see if a Kawasaki component is appropriate for the application.