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J.A. King Asset Management and Tracking

The hardest thing about calibrating your equipment is also the simplest: finding your equipment in the first place! It sounds odd, but frequently, the hardest thing to get right when you’re calibrating your measurement equipment is finding it in the first place. In today’s busy production environment, equipment has a way of moving around the factory floor or lab and sure enough, when it comes time to calibrate it, it’s just not where you think it is. And this can set you up for nightmares: the tool never gets calibrated and it’s either found by the auditor or used to make bad product.


J.A. King can assist you to manage your measurement assets to help prevent either scenario from happening. The simplest way to reduce the risk of losing measurement equipment is to make a note of where it is in the first place. J.A. King’s GageSuite® calibration software puts you in control by offering four tiered fields which are fully customizable to provide excellent location data. Any authorized user from your company can update these fields, to ensure the location information is as current as possible.

J.A. King Tool Sweeps

However, sometimes you just don’t know where your equipment is. How do you make sure you find everything and get its calibration current? Ask J.A. King to provide a gage sweep! Our measurement experts come in for a day, a week, as long as it takes, and go through your facility with a fine toothed comb. They open drawers, they look under tables, they gather each and every piece of measurement equipment they can find. They then compare it to your calibration record, update the location in the system and calibrate it, if necessary, leaving you with a clean slate and peace of mind.

J.A. King’s technicians can make sure your equipment is audit ready by examining each piece of equipment they find during their day. They ensure it’s properly stickered and that the calibration date is not overdue. Should something need to be calibrated, they can get the work done.

Finally, for the ultimate peace of mind in asset management, why not have J.A. King manage your spares as well as your live equipment? That way, you’ll always have a backup ready to go in the case of failure, which keeps downtime to a minimum. With a centralized spares repository, each department checks out only what they need, reducing replacement needs and cost.

We understand that keeping track of your measurement assets isn’t always easy. But with J.A. King’s help, you can make sure you know where each and every piece is and – most importantly – that it’s calibrated and ready to go. Contact us today see how J.A. King can help you with asset management.


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