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We’ve all heard the expression towards any computer database “Junk in, junk out”. No matter how robust the Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, poor data entry will yield incorrect and misleading statistics. While other SPC packages provide data collection analysis capabilities, none offer the suite of tools to streamline data collection from a metrology instrument, analysis, and reporting like Prolink.

Founded in 1983 and dedicated to serving manufacturers looking to collect data from metrology instruments, Prolink has developed platforms that truly meet the needs of practically any application. Whether collecting data from a caliper using QC-Gage, from a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) via QC-CALC Real-Time, or monitoring entire facilities while on the road through QC-Mobile, Prolink’s solutions are relevant to any type or level of data collection and analysis required.

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Take a look at the latest catalog from Prolink, featuring software solutions such as QC-CALC, QG-GAGE, QC-PLC, QC-SORT, SPC Office Buddy, and ERS Enterprise Report Scheduler. Download the brochure today and start a conversation with a Cross team member or request a quote to learn how a Prolink solution from…

After four years of development Prolink has released QC-CALC 4.0, GageStation/QC-Gage 4.0, and SPC Office Buddy 4.0! This is the largest change to the software in Prolink’s history, below are some of the update highlights: Direct access to SQL Server allowing QC-CALC to write directly to the SQL server skipping…

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