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Omron HD-1500 Mobile Robot

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Product Overview

Omron’s Strongest Mobile Robot with Advanced Performance and Safety Features

Built with the same technology as the LD series, the new HD-1500 from Omron is their strongest mobile robot yet, with a payload capacity of 1500 kg. These highly capable autonomous robots allow you to reduce the use of forklifts and manual pallet movement which can pose safety issues.

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Because your entire Omron autonomous fleet can be controlled within Fleet Manager, you have more opportunities to streamline productivity and avoid bottlenecks and traffic jams. Onboard lasers provide 360-degree safety coverage. In addition, state of the art sensors allow for precise pick-ups and drop-offs, optimal route planning, and dynamic obstacle avoidance. The HD-1500 also comes with optimized software with standardized code for common jobs, allowing for faster startup.

Key Features

  • 1,500kg payload capacity
  • 360° safety coverage with LiDAR technology
  • Ability to fully charge the battery in just minutes
  • Safety scanning lasers, LED visual warnings, and other safety features
  • Dynamic Safety Zones
  • On-board, user-accessible Omron PLC


  • Transports the bulkiest of objects and withstands heavier impacts
  • Minimizes forklift usage, which can be a safety hazard
  • Enables increasingly diverse mobile robot fleets under Fleet Manager
  • Uses the same proven technology that LD Series users are familiar with


  • Width: 1195 mm
  • Length: 1696 mm
  • Height: 370 mm
  • Vehicle Weight: 585 kg
  • Payload: 1500 kg
  • Speed: 1.8 m/s
  • Run time: 9 hours fully loaded or 12.5 hours unloaded


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