100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Cross Provider: Nabtesco


Nabtesco is the largest precision Cycloidal gearbox manufacturer in the world and leads the precision gear industry by providing High Performance Reduction Gears, Hollow Shaft Gear Heads and Single Axis Servo-Actuators and Controllers. Their precision equipment provides large torque, high-ratio and significant shock-load capabilities with extreme precision and very low backlash.

Their equipment is used to improve the functionality for a wide variety of applications – from satellite antenna and military/defense to robotics, semiconductor and welding.

For high quality and proven performance, Nabtesco is the preferred choice wherever precise motion is required!

Featured Nabtesco Products

Nabtesco gearboxes are offered as a kit.  Kits include the input pinion, seals, o-ring and assembly bolts.  Nabtesco also provides complete multi-axis positioning solutions such as “head and tail stock” or “turn table with tilt” positioners.

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