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Since 1973, Helmel Engineering has been engaged in the design, manufacture, sales and service of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and related software. They serve the precision 3-dimensional inspection and reverse engineering needs of all major manufacturing markets including aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer products and appliances, education, energy, food processing, electronics-IT-telecom, medical devices, shipbuilding, general transportation and all other precision manufacturing concerns. They also have systems in several Department of Energy National Laboratories, and many Defense related facilities.

Additionally, Helmel enjoys a vital OEM base, designing and building precision moving structures under private labels for several manufacturers in metrology related fields. Cross Company offers Helmel equipment throughout several of our territories in the Southeast U.S. Contact one of our precision measurement experts to get a quote for Helmel equipment today!


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Still offering the same world class customer service since 1939, J.A. King is now a part of the Cross Company family. This means our customers have even more support as our capability continues to grow. As always, reach out to our team if you have any questions, and take a look at all we now have to offer! Interested in a quote?