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Dräger Portable Gas Detection

Product Overview

Dräger offers a complete line of portable gas detection instruments to protect employees from harmful gas concentrations.  Whether you need a single gas or multi-gas detector, Dräger has a range of options suitable for personal protection, area monitoring and leak detection.

Instruments include:

  • Calibration and bump tests
  • Gas detection tubes
  • Multi-gas detectors, including the X-Zone 5000 and the X-pid 8500
  • Sensors
  • Single gas detectors

Dräger has been the market leader for more than 70 years with their Dräger-Tubes line which provides a quick and inexpensive method of detection gases, vapors and aerosols in the air, water and soil. 

A full range of Dräger portable gas detectors and Dräger-Tubes can be found on our sister site, ShopCross, for immediate purchase.

If you’re looking for portable gas detectors, consider the Dräger product line. For more information and to correctly specify your detector, contact the experts at Cross’s Flow and Safety Technology today!

Dräger Portable Gas Detection 1
Dräger PAC 8000 disposable personal gas detector
Dräger Portable Gas Detection 2
Dräger X-act 5000 automatic tube pump

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