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Cross Solutions to Keep your Plant Healthy and Safe

Cross Solutions to Keep your Plant Healthy and Safe 1

We have a variety of products and solutions to help keep your plant healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Returning to work safely during the coronavirus outbreak is a challenge that many Cross customers face across all industries.  You have to balance keeping your employees safe with the need to produce product in the most efficient and effective way possible.  Cross is proud to represent several product lines which allow you to do both: help reduce the spread of COVID-19 while keeping production as normal as possible.

Infrared Temperature Monitoring

Land Ametek’s VIRALERT 3 is a cost-effective solution for taking temperature while maintaining social distancing. It is the first IR temperature monitoring system to provide a camera and a temperature controlled reference source on a single mounting. This provides continuous calibration to ensure accuracy while keeping the system easy to use. The thermal imaging and visual camera are in a single housing with an installation time of less than 30 minutes by an untrained user.

Cross Company has partnered with Land Amekek to bring our customers the VIRALERT 3 temperature monitoring system that can check your employees as they walk into the building without slowing foot traffic. 

Cross Solutions to Keep your Plant Healthy and Safe 5

Land Ametek VIRALERT 3 Temperature Monitoring System

Mobile Hand Washing Stations

CDC guidelines cite good hand washing practices as one of the most effective means of stopping the spread of infection.   However, you don’t always have a sink in the most efficient location for your employees to use.  The Hughes mobile hand washing station can be used indoors or outside, even in the parking lot of your facility, in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Cross Solutions to Keep your Plant Healthy and Safe 6

Mobile hand washing station from Hughes Safety Showers

UV Light Mobile Robot

ASHRAE conducted an evaluation of disinfecting surfaces using UV light in 2019. UVC light was found to be an  effective “engineering control to interrupt the transmission of pathogenic organisms, including viruses.”  The Charlotte™ autonomous mobile robot from Sir Steward can disinfect your facility efficiently, leaving your employees to do other, higher value work.

Cross Solutions to Keep your Plant Healthy and Safe 7

Mobile robot with UV light from Sir Steward

Respiratory Equipment

Cross is proud to be a platinum channel partner for Dräger, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of safety equipment and respirators.  No matter what type of respirator you need, Dräger has you covered.  And many of their models can be bought now on our e-commerce site, ShopCross.

Cross Solutions to Keep your Plant Healthy and Safe 8

Dräger Xplore 5500

Cross also represents Parker IPS which produces clear Lexan panels to create barriers between workstations.

Interested in learning how Cross Company can help you balance safety and producing product efficiently? Contact one of our experts today!

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