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Safe, accurate and easy to use temperature screening system

Safe, accurate and easy to use temperature screening system 1

Land Ametek’s VIRALERT 3 is a cost-effective solution for taking temperature while maintaining social distancing.  It is the first IR temperature monitoring system to provide a camera and a temperature controlled reference source on a single mounting.  This provides continuous calibration to ensure accuracy while keeping the system easy to use.  The thermal imaging and visual camera are in a single housing with an  installation time of less than 30 minutes by an untrained user.

Some unique advantages of this system include:

  • Quick and simple alerts: green for go, red for alarm display in less than 2 seconds
  • 1 week lead time
  • Single compact system and mount eliminate errors due to measurement distance
  • Can be used indoor or outside as reference standard can be adjusted to accommodate hot or cold ambient conditions
Safe, accurate and easy to use temperature screening system 2

Technical Specifications

Accuracy: +/- 0.5⁰ C (+/-0.9 ⁰F) at a distance of 1 meter

Software: Continuous live thermal and visual impage with automatic face detection.  Abnormal high temperatures displayed in red, with on-screen and audio alarms.  Calculates core temperature from measured skin temperature.

Imager: Connects to a local PC for display and power.  Operates between 10-50⁰C (50-122⁰F)

Imager visual: CMOS color sensor 1.2MP (1280×960) resolution at 50 fps

Imager thermal: With a measurement range from 30-45⁰C (86-113⁰F), the imager has a 39 x 31⁰ field of view, frame rate of <9H and temperature resolution of <0.12⁰C (<0.22⁰F)

Blackbody reference source: Powered by a 5V DC (USB) from a universal power adaptor, the fixed temperature reference source is at 38⁰C (100.4⁰F) for a combined accuracy/stability of +/-0.2⁰C (+/-0.3⁰F)

Demonstration Videos

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