100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Mobile Hydraulic System Wiring Harnesses

Prevent one of the most common causes of mobile machinery downtime – faulty wiring. One of the most common causes of faulty wiring is incomplete or erroneous documentation. Through a lot of experience, and pain, Cross Company’s Mobile Systems Integration group has developed a set of guidelines for getting this critical part of project implementation right. As part of our prototype development we custom build the first article wire harness.

During this build, we document every aspect of the harness including the following:

  • Wire lengths and gauge
  • Break out points
  • Connector part numbers (typically utilize Deutsch)
  • Each connector end shows the pin out, wire label, wire type, contact required, color, and terminations
  • Designate an identifying number for each connector for easier machine assembly
Mobile Hydraulic System Wiring Harnesses 1
Cross MSI wire harness drawing

Once the prototype is complete and tested, finalized drawings are provided to our customer to source. Whether your system has a need for just a few harness points or several, our engineering team ensures that your harness is properly documented.

See how our mobile systems integration team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

Case Study: Old Dominion Brush

Cross Mobile Systems Integration Helps Old Dominion Brush Improve Serviceability and Reduce Cost. See how our expertise in hydraulic systems, controls, and hose kitting made it happen.

Mobile Hydraulic System Wiring Harnesses 2

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