Mobile Hydraulic System Wiring Harnesses

Prevent the most common cause of mobile machinery downtime - faulty wiring. The following are how Cross Company can customize your wiring harnesses:

  • For wire ends where crimping of a terminal is needed, a single wall heat shrink is applied to cover any exposed wires, eliminating bare wires that can lead to ground faults.
  • For any wires that are spliced, first the wires are ultrasonically welded, then a piece of dual wall heat shrink is applied to seal the splice. The inner lining of this heat shrink is a glue meltliner that further seals the splice.
  • Dual wall heat shrink is also used when eyelets are applied to the ends of wires.
  • Any type of wire function code can be applied on the ends of the wire or can be continuously printed on the wires for ease of identification. In addition, a color-coded wire can be used and a wire function code can be applied for redundancy. We typically recommend both.
  • We do a periodic tensile test or “pull” test as a means of evaluating the mechanical properties of a crimped connection. This is done once a month on our dyes and presses to ensure proper functioning. We also do random testing on wiring harnesses from production to ensure mechanical integrity.
  • Lastly, a braided jacket is applied to the wiring harness to ensure tensile strength and to protect the harness from mechanical damage.



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