100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954



Starting as a subcontractor for Hitachi in 1949, Tohnichi began manufacturing torque wrenches in 1951. After quickly receiving recognition in the Japanese automotive industry, Tohnichi has developed a broad product portfolio making it a go to brand in automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer products, and the energy industry.

From 0.15ozf.in to 1,000Nm, click wrenches to ink-marking tools with WiFi, Tohnichi makes the exact tool for the application. The precision measurement team at Cross frequently looks to Tohnichi when a tool needs to have a specific feature or trait; nothing more or nothing less.

Whether is it is the easy to adjust QL wrenches for a maintenance operation, LineChecker analyzers for high production environments, or digital wrenches with BlueTooth for auditing, Tohnichi’s tools stand out as being capable, cost effective, and high quality. Curious to see if Tohnichi makes the tool that you’re looking for? Contact us today to discuss your needs and find a solution.



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Still offering the same world class customer service since 1939, J.A. King is now a part of the Cross Company family. This means our customers have even more support as our capability continues to grow. As always, reach out to our team if you have any questions, and take a look at all we now have to offer! Interested in a quote?