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Intrinsically Safe Indicators

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Cross Intrinsically Safe Indicators

You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for safety with our comprehensive line of intrinsically safe indicators and FM approved scale platforms, load cells, and vehicle scales. Whether your application requires basic weighing or fully automated process control, we have a solution to meet your needs. Our selection of intrinsically safe indicators offer a variety of communication interfaces which are compatible with process equipment components of all types. Portable, battery-powered models are also available for additional flexibility.

Note: The products contained within our intrinsically safe category are intended for use in hazardous environments. Devices in these areas require detailed attention to specification and installation.

Indicators and Other Safe Equipment

As precision measurement professionals since 1939, the team at Cross has years of experience working with all types of intrinsically safe equipment in a variety of environments. Our knowledge of equipment operation from a calibration and servicing point of view, as well as technical expertise of our application specialists, help us determine the perfect equipment for your needs.

With our wide range of experience in a range of environments throughout the industrial world, we’re able to provide expert input on device safety. And when there’s a level of uncertainty in the production environment, in many cases it’s best to go with the safest option. That safest option may be intrinsically safe indicators provided by Cross Precision Measurement.

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A robust and versatile solution from Mettler Toledo that’s capable of accurately weighing in harsh environments. An intrinsically safe barcode scanner interface is also available for efficient data capture in hazardous areas.

ICS466x Intrinsically Safe Terminal →

Mettler Toledo’s IND226x intrinsically safe indicator is designed to ensure accurate weighing in even the most challenging industrial or manufacturing environments. Can be used with safe battery power or explosion-proof AC power.

IND226x Intrinsically Safe Indicator →

This intrinsically safe indicator combines high performance with versatility in hazardous production environments. This indicator is capable of real-time data sharing, digital filtering, and auto logging important system information.

IND560x Intrinsically Safe Indicator →

This scale indicator is able to combine both the reliability and flexibility needed in an industrial environment. It can be used for many applications, including counting, checkweighing, formulation, and others.

Minebea Intec Combics CAIXS2-EX Scale Indicator →

A reliable intrinsically safe indicator that combines functionality, accuracy, and connectivity. It can also easily be reprogrammed based on the needs of your production environment or production process.

Minebea Intec Maxxis 5 Controller →

These digital weight indicators from Rice Lake are able to provide weighing functionality in volatile or dangerous production environments. The Plus indicator has a counting mode in addition to the standard gross, net, and tare computations.

Rice Lake 320IS Digital Indicator →

The intrinsically safe, auto-ranging power supply enables wiring to a single AC conduit line and seal from the safe area. This product is FM approved and features a rechargeable battery. It can operate in isolated power or movable applications.

Rice Lake 882IS Digital Indicator →

Accurate and Safe Indicators

When you’re working in potentially hazardous environments or with dangerous production processes, safe equipment is critical. More than that, the best option may be equipment that is inherently safe by design. Many operations that operate under these conditions choose to utilize intrinsically safe equipment for that built-in safety assurances.

If this sounds like your production environment, we have the indicators and other intrinsically safe products your operation may need. Contact Cross Precision Measurement today to discuss your options or to order the indicator you need.

Designed with safety in mind

Intrinsically safe equipment is built to be as safe as possible as well as to be as compatible as possible with hazardous production environments

Integrate into your process

Many intrinsically safe indicators can be integrated into your existing process. There’s no need to massively change things to have needed functionality

Post-sales support services

Cross is an industry-leader in technical expertise. And we use that expertise to continue supporting you even after your initial purchase

cross gagesuite calibration tracking software

See why customers love GageSuite, our award winning cloud based calibration management system.

Intrinsically Safe Indicator Providers

Take a look at some of the most popular brands of intrinsically safe indicators that we calibrate, repair, and sell:

Why Cross Intrinsically Safe Indicators?

Whether it’s terminals, controllers, or digital indicators, at Cross Precision Measurement, our goal is always to find the right equipment our customers need for their unique production processes. And this is especially true if that production process is inherently hazardous or dangerous in some capacity. When that’s the case, specialized equipment must be utilized. And that’s just what we provide.

As the manufacturing landscape evolves and becomes more complex, it also becomes more competitive. And because of this, even just relatively minor changes to your production process (such as adding an intrinsically safe indicator) can give your operation a significant competitive advantage. And that’s an advantage we want you to have.

Between our products, calibration services, inspection services, and custom solutions, Cross Precision Measurement is a single-source precision measurement equipment and service provider to many in the industrial world. And we can provide those same world-class services and industry-leading products to your operation, too.

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See how our precision measurement team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk.

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