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Robin Daughtry | April 13th, 2012

Hydraulic Hose & Fittings Tips - Never Mix and Match

As one of Parker's leading hose distributors in the country, the Hose & Fittings team at Cross reminds customers never to mix and match components.  To ensure the safest hose assembly practices and highest quality hose assemblies, these are key points and recommendations:


  • assemble another make of hose fitting on Parker hose
  • assemble a Parker hose fitting on another make of hose
  • crimp Parker hose and fitting with a crimper other than Parker approved crimpers
  • crimp other manufacturers' hose and fittings in Parker crimpers

Parker's recommendation on mixing and matching different manufacturer's hoses, fittings and crimping equipment fall right in line with standard industry specifications, specifically SAE J1273.

With the influx of generic, look-alike, and/or knock-off hose and fitting manufacturers today, it is important to point out and correct some of the common misconceptions that are prevalent in the marketplace today:

Misconeption: the fittings look alike; therefore they will perform the same
Correction: despite the fact that some manufacturers' fittings my look like a Parker fitting (including stainless steel), they have not been approved or qualified for use on a Parker hose.  A fitting requires significant testing and final qualification by the manufacturer in order for a fitting to be approved for use on a hose.

Misconception: I can use a Parker fitting on a different manufacturer's hose because it meets the same industry specification as the Parker hose (i.e. 100R1)
Correction: just because a competitive manufacturer's hose may meet an industry specification does not mean that it is approved to be used with a Parker fitting.

Misconception: all crimpers are the same and as long as the crimp looks good and I am close to the recommended crimp diameter, the hose assembly should be fine.
Correction: a battery of tests and qualification procedures are conducted prior to any formal crimp specification being released by engineering.  Parker publishes and recommends crimp diameters for all its hose and fitting combinations and does not support anything outside of their published specs.

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