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Top Ten Issues With Tank and Hopper Performance and Calibration

Take a look at our experts list of the top 10 issues with tank and hopper performance and calibration.

1. Rigid piping or other attachments

In order to weigh properly a tank must be able to move. Rigid connections cause inaccurate weighing that is not repeatable.

2. Environmental conditions

Tank and hopper systems need to be accurately protected from extreme temperatures, moisture, vibration, and corrosive substances. The same factors can affect the ability to conduct accurate and efficient calibrations.

3. Wrong equipment for the application

A number of factors should be considered to ensure optimal weighing performance including selecting the correct load cell capacity and accuracy with the required environmental protection.

4. Safety concerns for operating and service personnel

Trip and fall hazards are common with tank and hopper systems, such as elevated walkways or ladders that are in poor condition.

5. Incorrect placement of load cells

Three point systems are desirable because they tend to be self-leveling, however in general no more than 8 modules should be used.

6. No way to hang sufficient weights for testing

Mounting brackets for hanging test weights should be evenly spaced around the tank.

7. Load cell cables not properly routed

Make sure cables also have sufficient length, and proper shielding.

8. Poor access to load cells.

Before calibration each load cell’s signal output needs to be measured to ensure an even load distribution. This also complicates routine maintenance, and repairs when necessary.

9. Outdated or obsolete equipment

Downtime can result if an obsolete part fails and adequate back up parts are not readily available.

10. Slow build times

It may not always be practical to apply weights to full capacity. In this case, a build-up method of calibration may be utilized. Although it is very accurate, this method can be time consuming.

Have you experienced any of the above? Or are you interested in a new tank or vessel weighing solution for your process? For more information about tank and vessel weighing solutions from the precision measurement group at Cross, contact our team to discuss your project or setup with a Cross team member.

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