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Mobile Controllers and Their Software Platforms - Which is Best for You?

Most mobile machinery OEM’s have transitioned their machines to electronic controllers designed for the severe installations found on mobile equipment. They are a great solution if you want to automate your mobile piece of machinery. The question is, how do you go about choosing what product is right for you?

One key component of these controllers that should affect your decision is what operating software is utilized, and do you own it? If you are a trained programmer, then controllers that utilize software programs based on structured text and C++ languages might be the best option. A common operating software platform that uses these languages is called Codesys.

Screenshot of a Structured Text Application

If you don’t have this formal or real-life training, and perhaps you have a more mechanical background, then something that utilizes function blocks, and a GUI drag and drop language might be a better option. With all of these options, there are benefits and drawbacks to each from a pure programming perspective.

Here at Cross Company, and our Mobile Systems Integration Group, we support controller manufacturers that utilize both of these types of software programs, and are open sourced. What does this mean? As part of our integration services, when we develop a software application for you, you own that application. We will support you and your machine over its lifetime, but the code we develop is yours. Contact a Cross mobile controller expert to see what controller and software solution may be the best for your project.

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