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SNAP 350

SNAP 350 1

Product Overview

OGP’s SNAP Digital Measuring Machines combine a unique large field optical system with a high resolution, digital zoom camera. Advanced video imaging technology allows you to measure entire parts, even different parts, in any orientation in only seconds. SNAP includes three LED lighting systems: Backlight for profile projection, top light for looking into bores and cavities, and an 8-sector bi-color ring light for highlighting surface features. This ensures the perfect lighting for every part.

The system is built to handle industrial conditions such as temperature and vibration extremes.It can also be used by any operator with minimal training. These features, coupled with its speed, accuracy, and repeatability make the SNAP systems ideal for use on the manufacturing floor.

The SNAP DM350 offers a large measuring range for a variety of large volume parts with the same speed and ease as the smaller SNAP models. Its X-axis travel capability and long working distance allow plentiful room for large parts and fixturing. The SNAP DM350 is also available with a high density camera providing added resolution for ultra-fine feature measurements.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100 mm field of view with digital zoom
  • Precision motorized compound X,Y stage | motorized Z-axis (optional)
  • Fully telecentric, single magnification optics for precise measurements
  • 350 x 350 mm XY stage travel for large parts


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