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Dräger Polytron 8900

Product Overview

Early warning monitor for outdoor high-pressure gas leaks

Detecting outdoor gas leaks can be challenging with traditional gas sensors because the wind blows in different directions and dilutes gas clouds. Dräger’s Polytron 8900 UGLD Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection perfectly complements point-type gas detectors because it can hear the gas leak at its source. Even loud industrial environments do not affect the ability to detect small gas leaks because industrial noise is mainly in the acoustic spectrum, while gas leaks also generate ultrasound that can easily be detected by the Polytron 8900’s microphone. Upgrade your gas detection system with acoustic gas leak detectors and improve the safety of your facility.

The Dräger 8900 is an excellent complement to your existing gas detection system. It utilizes an ultrasonic acoustic sensor that allows it to respond faster than typical gas detectors. That is because it can register the sound of the leaking gas as opposed to measuring the concentration of gas in the air. This way leaks are detected immediately regardless of outside conditions. Detecting leaks faster not only keeps your team safe but also helps to prevent unnecessary shutdowns, saving both time and money.

Technical Resources

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