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Dräger Fixed Gas Detection

Product Overview

Dräger offers a complete line of fixed gas detection controllers and sensors to provide reliable and accurate sensing of a wide range of hazardous substances.  Each Dräger system is specifically designed for your particular application to provide the utmost protection for your employees, your facility and the environment.

Components include:

  • Controllers
  • Flame detectors
  • Flammable gas detectors
  • Toxic gases and oxygen detectors
  • Ultrasonic leak detectors

Because the Dräger system is designed to be modular, it can be easily integrated into new installations or existing infrastructure.  Cross’s safety specialists determine the optimum number and position of sensors depending on your particular requirements.  When paired with analytical units and alarms, fixed gas detection systems from Dräger quickly warn of hazards from gases or flames.

Dräger Polytron Fixed Gas Detection System

Dräger Polytron 8900

If you’re looking for a fixed gas detection system, consider the Dräger product line. For more information and to correctly specify your system, contact the experts at Cross’s Flow and Safety Technology today!

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