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CDC Rupture disc holders

Product Overview

Rupture disc holders are designed to create a tight, metal-to-metal seal while clamping the rupture disc in place.  The holders are as customized as the rupture discs they are designed to hold.  With several different designs and many different sizes and materials, CDC and Cross Company have a rupture disc holder for every application.

Types of rupture disc holders from Continental Disc Corporation:

  • Insert holders: Insert-type rupture disc holders fit between two ASME, DIN or JIS companion flanges.  Features include:
    • Easy installation and removal as they fit within companion flange bolts
    • Standard pre-assembly clips help you assemble the disc and holder together before installation in your piping system
    • Stainless steel flow direction and customer identification tags are permanently attached to the holder
  • Pre-torqued holders incorporate high strength steel socket head cap screws to ensure accurate loading of the HPX rupture disc
  • Double disc holder assemblies are the solution to multiple applications without the need for a more complicated piping arrangement
  • Full bolted holders do not need compaion flanges, with the proper seat configuration machined directly into the flange
  • Screw type holders
  • Sanitary fitting holders use a quick disconnect clamping that creates a tight, leak-free joint without crap traps or crevices.  They are ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.
  • Clean Sweep rupture disc holders are used in systems which have viscous media, especially if product build up could cause over-pressure situations.
CDC Rupture disc holders 1
CDC HPX Rupture Disc and Holder between Flanges
CDC Rupture disc holders 2
CDC Composite rupture disc in holder

If you’re looking for the right holder for your rupture disc, consider the Continental Disc Corporation product line. For more information and to correctly specify your holder, contact the experts at Cross’s Flow and Safety Technology today!

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