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Rupture Disks

Rupture Discs function as a pre-designed “weak point” in a pressurized system, and they should be the strongest part of your pressure protection system. Continental Disc rupture discs utilize innovative, patented designs, the highest quality materials from traceable sources, and ISO 9001 manufacturing procedures performed by skilled craftsmen.

We offer the most advanced line of rupture discs available, incorporating proven performance in excess of a quarter million cycles, operating up to 95% of burst pressure, and offered in a wide range of burst pressures, materials, and sizes. These features support reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs, increasing the productivity of your facility!

Tension Type Rupture Discs

Tension type rupture discs (bursting discs) are oriented in a system with the process media pressure against the concave side of the rupture disc. As the process pressure increases beyond the allowable operating pressure, the tensile strength of the material is reached and rupture occurs.

Reverse Acting Rupture Discs

Continental Disc Corporation’s reverse acting rupture discs (bursting discs) are state of the art products utilizing a highly accurate manufacturing method to achieve and control a burst pressure at close tolerances. A precision semicircular score or knife blades are used to provide a clean, consistent opening pattern. All of Continental Disc’s reverse acting rupture discs (bursting discs) are provided with a zero manufacturing range as a standard.

Specialized Rupture Discs

Specialized applications require specialized rupture disc (bursting disc) solutions. For over 40 years, Continental Disc Corporation has been called upon to solve the pressure relieving challenges of some of the most demanding industries. The innovations discovered for those applications are then used to improve the service we offer to all of our customers.

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