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Mobile Control Solutions

In a changing industrial marketplace, more and more demands are being placed on mobile work machinery. Machines increasingly need to perform more efficiently while being easier to operate. As mobile technology evolves, machine manufacturers and OEMs need to keep pace in order to stay competitive. An unintuitive machine with a legacy control system will eventually lose its market status.

At Cross, we don’t want to see your mobile machinery fall into obscurity. With our controllers for mobile machines, we can help your machine run smoother and more efficiently while also increasing production scalability. With the right mobile control solution, we can help get your machine and your production to the level it needs to be at. That’s the power of solutions for machine control systems.

We’ll work with you to find the best machine controller for your vehicle and production process.

Make the Right Change

Performance and safety are two of the most important considerations when it comes to machine control systems. And in order to achieve optimal performance and functional safety, the right machine controller is necessary.

The needs of a mobile application are different from a brick-and-mortar facility. From heat management to space optimization, different considerations are necessary when the main workstation is mobile. So our mobile-rated controller technology is specifically designed to be integrated into mobile work vehicles. The controllers we provide can easily be integrated into mobile machinery applications because they’re designed with mobile machinery in mind.

While mobile machinery is different from facilities, mobile machines themselves are often very different from each other. The needs of a construction vehicle are not the same as industrial mining equipment. But with the right machine controller, they can both have the same ease of operation and level of machine control. It’s all about the right controller for the job. Which is exactly what we provide.

Your Next Mobile System Controller

For the mobile on-road and off-road machinery OEM, you have to decide what is the best controls platform for your machine. For some machines and markets, perhaps using traditional hardwired relay logic is the best. However, for most mobile machine OEMs, there is value in using mobile rated controller technology.

Some features of these controllers are their ability to withstand the harshest of environments including water, vibration, and temperature extremes, flexibility in programming, CAN-based communication for interfacing with electronic engines, and much more.

CAN-based communication

Make your controllers work for you and communicate with your machines the way you need. Our CAN-based communication simplifies machine communication.

Environmental resistance

Your mobile machine controller needs to be able to operate in your standard work environments. From temperature to water resistance, get a controller you can trust.

Direct Integration & Flexible programming

Don’t sacrifice systems that are already working. Our controllers can be directly integrated into your machine and programmed with the specific languages and functionality.

Increase Machine Control, Simplify Vehicle Operations

The mobile machinery controllers we offer are designed to operate in a variety of conditions and for a variety of vehicles. From more compact controllers for vehicles with tighter space allocation to a more scalable product for larger machines (or fleets). Our main concerns are reliability, ease of integration, and product lifespan.

That means we want to provide you with a controller you know will get the job done, work well with your mobile machine, and not need to be immediately replaced. Too many work vehicle controllers aren’t able to check all those boxes. But half-solutions aren’t something we provide. With machine controllers from Cross, you know you’re getting the right equipment for your unique vehicle.

Another important factor (if all the above are met) is the flexibility of the controller. We want you to be able to use your new machine controller easily. That’s why our mobile rated controllers are open to different development tools and programming languages. There’s no need for you to be stuck with a proprietary controller that runs completely differently than the rest of your fleet. Simplify your vehicle operations with a controller that can be integrated into your existing workflow.

Easy Integration

Customizable components

Programming flexibility

High scalability

Operator friendly

Integrated Components

Durable Mobile Machine Controllers

One of the most important considerations when it comes to designing control systems and controllers themselves for mobile industrial machinery is the demands of the operating environment. While some controllers may be ideal for temperature-controlled factory environments, they may not operate as intended when they are exposed to intense temperatures or water.

We recommend mobile-specific controllers based on the needs of your environment. We can provide controllers that will operate in extreme heat or cold, perform under pressure, and fit into the space allowed by your machine. Taking into account all these factors is how we find the right controller for your machine.

No matter the industry, if you have a mobile industrial machine, we can find the right machine controller for you.

Wiring Kits for Control Systems

The Mobile Controller Company You Need

At Cross, we offer much more than just top-quality mobile machine parts. We provide the experience and expertise our OEM and other equipment manufacturer partners need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering the right controller for mobile industrial machinery, there are many important factors to consider. Some of the most important are production needs, operating environment, and end-user friendliness. The right mobile controller for your machine needs to meet your production requirements, be able to withstand your work environment, and be usable by your end users.

In many cases, if you’re asking about when to get a new controller for your mobile work vehicle, it may already be time for an upgrade or replacement. A machine containing a controller with poor design or unreliable usability is ready for an upgrade. When you’re talking about the brains of the machine, it’s crucial that your controller be operating at 100%.

The best way to begin the process of finding the right controller for your mobile work machine is to contact Cross Mobile Systems Integration group. We’ll meet with you to understand your needs and specifications before providing our own recommendations on the best controller for your production and operational needs.

Why Cross Mobile Machine Controllers?

Contact a Cross MSI expert to discuss your machine requirements, and which mobile controller might be the best for your application.

Our experts can work with your team to develop a complete mobile control solution to ensure that you have the right equipment, working together, to improve your machine performance and productivity.

If your machine isn’t operating the way you need it to, we can help. A Cross mobile system controller expert will take a look at your mobile work vehicle and find the best solution for your production process and your bottom line.

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