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Product Spotlight: Dräger Ammonia (NH3) Sensors

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Product Spotlight: Dräger Ammonia (NH3) Sensors 1Ammonia sensors play a crucial role across various industries due to ammonia’s effectiveness as a refrigerant. The food and beverage sector, in particular, benefits from its efficient heat transfer capabilities. Mandatory gas detection systems are essential to detect potential ammonia leaks, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards. These sensors also have diverse applications in pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, fertilizer production, and animal farming. For instance, a recent order of ammonia sensors for Draeger, amounting to $780,000 came from an insulin manufacturing facility.

In the realm of ammonia sensor options, the Dräger NH3 FL sensor stands out with its four electrodes, offering enhanced precision and resilience against fluctuations in humidity, with the exception of sensitivity to SO2. It boasts minimal cross-sensitivity with CO2, which is a common gas in the food and beverage industry. Unlike many sensors that are significantly impacted by spikes in humidity, the FL sensor remains resistant to humidity, resulting in only a minor 1 to 2 increase in sensitivity.

The TL sensor is a three-electrode version designed for compatibility with existing transmitters, while the Polytron® 8100 is best paired with the FL version, ensuring superior performance. To effectively present sensor details, such as size and durability, it is advisable to have the Polytron® 8100 virtual brochure readily accessible on a phone or tablet. Download the Ammonia (NH3) Dräger Sensor Table to see which sensors are ideal for ypur operation and contact our team to get a quote!

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