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Machine Builder Industry Newsletter – January 2024

Revolutionize Your Motion Control with Anti-Backlash Technology from Nabtesco

The Cross Automation Team has unrivaled experience with precision motion control. In very precise motion applications backlash can cause major issues. Nabtesco’s cycloidal gear technology, surpasses traditional planetary and cam indexing devices in anti-backlash technology. Their patented two-stage cycloidal design offers unparalleled advantages, boasting large torque, high-ratio capabilities, and remarkable shock-load resistance with extreme precision and quality.

Machine Builder Industry Newsletter - January 2024 1

Key features include:

  • Near zero backlash (less than 1 arc-min.): Achieve precision with minimal play.
  • High repeatability (20-30 arc-sec.): Ensure consistent, reliable performance.
  • Large E-stop capacity (5X rated torque): Effortlessly handle shock loads.
  • High ratio availability (up to 300:1 for hollow shaft gearboxes): Tailor your setup.
  • High torsional rigidity: Experience stiff performance in demanding applications.
  • Hollow shaft options (up to 5″ diameter thru hole): Enhance flexibility.

If you’re ready to elevate your motion control systems to unprecedented levels of precision and durability, explore the innovative world of Nabtesco. Visit our website to view our white paper, explore partner success stories, and access exclusive content. Unlock the future of motion control with Nabtesco’s Cycloidal Gear technology!

What's New at Cross

Pneumatic Solutions for ECMO

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a form of life support that helps the body rest and recover by taking over for the work of the heart and lungs. Check out this cool video showing some of the application challenges ECMO presents and how Clippard provides unique solutions.

Unleash Micron-Level Precision with Parker's XLM Series Linear Positioner!

For machinery and instrument builders demanding seamless motion and unparalleled precision, Parker presents the XLM series. This linear positioner, available in three profile widths (125mm to 200mm), stands as a beacon of micron-level accuracy. Driven by linear servo motor technology and offering selectable levels of linear encoder technology tailored to specific application needs, the XLM series is the epitome of precision engineering.

Machine Builder Industry Newsletter - January 2024 2

Key Features:

  • Three Form Factors: Choose from 125mm, 145mm, and 200mm width options.
  • Ingress Protection Options: Select from three configurations to match your environment.
  • Linear Encoder Variety: Opt for six different linear encoder options to suit your application.
  • Ironless Linear Motor Technology: Experience efficient and precise linear motion.
  • Standard Travel Options: Enjoy travel options ranging from 40mm to 1500mm stroke.
  • Efficient Cable Management: Benefit from an integrated system for streamlined operations.
  • Multi-Axis Configurations: Combine XLM units with optional Z-brackets and preconfigured carriages to build dynamic multi-axis positioning systems.

Whether your application spans the factory floor or a cleanroom, the XLM series accommodates diverse environments with three distinct product configurations. With features like limit sensing, efficient cable management, and CE and RoHS compliance, the XLM series ensures a seamless blend of precision and durability. If you want to elevate your machine’s performance with Parker’s XLM series contact us today!

Did you know?

If you use Cross Precision Measurement for your calibration needs, all of your certs can be found in our calibration software, GageSuite. This award-winning software is completely free to you as a Cross calibration customer.

Cross Provides Tangible Value for You

Improve Efficiency

Emerson has launched the AVENTICS™ Class A IO-Link® Master for Series G3 electronics, a state-of-the-art I/O technology (IEC 61131-9) that integrates sensors, actuators, and valves into a network. The G3 IO-Link® Master stands out for its flexibility, featuring 8 ports optimized for high-density applications, supporting various sensors and devices through one module and standard cables.

Machine Builder Industry Newsletter - January 2024 4

Raise Quality

We are excited to share that we have partnered with Nidec to provide even more options to our OEM customers when they are looking for high quality motors & drives!

Nidec’s product range encompasses servo motors, brushless DC motors, brushless AC permanent magnet motors, stepper motors, and various gearmotors. The company also designs and produces drives and controllers for their products, catering to ultra-low voltage DC ranges and AC voltages up to 600V.

Machine Builder Industry Newsletter - January 2024 5

Reduce Risk

Coval just released a new line of CTC high performance suction cups. The unique feature of this new range of CTC suction cups is its bell shape. This new design combines the advantages of both flat and bellows suction cups. They have the strength and anti-slip qualities of the former, with the added abilities of the latter to grip complex or angular shapes. Contact our experts today to learn more.

See how our team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

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