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100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954


100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954


Lintech Linear Bearings and Ball Screws

Steve Dickerson | October 16th, 2015

Message from Steve Dickerson: Many customers are confronted with the age-old issue of whether to buy or build a mechanical system for their machines and automation. While we have suppliers that do a great job of providing packaged mechanical motion positioners, slides and other solutions, many times external guides and rails are required and still other times individual components are necessary to integrate a solution. When those components are needed, we turn to our trusted long-time and reliable supplier out of California, Lintech.

Lintech Positioning Components

Lintech provides Inch and Metric round rail linear components for use in many different applications. They have quick deliveries, machining capability, and great customer service. Let us help you solve your next Motion Control Automation task. Lintech has been providing linear motion solutions for over 44 years to customers in the Aerospace, Alternate Energy, Automotive, Material Handling, Medical, Packaging, and Semiconductor markets.

Precision Shafting

Lintech provides precision 60 case hardened Class L, Class S, and Class N linear shafting in inch diameters from 0.25 to 2.0 inches. The can be cut to any length desired, up to the maximum length of any given shaft diameter. These precision ground 1060 steel shafts are manufactured to 0.001/0.002 in/ft. They are then finely polished in order to provide a long lasting round rail positioning system when used with either our super linear ball bushing bearings or aluminum pillow blocks

The SL-PD series is a standard pre-drilled Class L shaft with a set hole pattern location and hole bolt size. However, any of the Lintech shafts can be machined to any customer requirements such as reduced end diameters, end stops, coaxial holes, radial holes, butt joints, dowel joints or to any customer drawing. Both aluminum and steel end support blocks and rail supports are available. Metric shaft diameters are also available in a cut to length and machined as required component. These metric shafts operate with both the Asian and European Lintech metric super ball bushing linear bearings. Lintech is able to provide these precision linear shafts for one-off custom applications, as well as OEM high volume requirements with multiple shaft lengths and diameters. 

Linear Bearings

Lintech manufactures various Linear Ball Bushing Inch versions. The closed LBC and the open LBO are super linear ball bushing, inch series self-aligning bearings. These ball bushing versions are suited for the Lintech SL seriesclass L shafting. These products are utilized together to form a precision linear positioning system that can handle large load requirements. These products will also perform well in applications where there is slight mis-alignment between a pair of shafts. Sometimes, due to other limitations, it is very difficult to maintain a high degree of parallelism between shafts and ball bushings with SL shafting can help to prevent the linear system from binding. The closed LBCA and the open LBOA are all steel plain A type linear bearings that work with Lintech SS series Class S precision shafting to form a positioning system that can operate in a high temperature environment.

Metric Ball Bushing Configurations: 
When considering metric ball bushings, there are two standards available. There are Asian or European standards which maintain slightly different tolerances. The closed LBCM and the open LBOM are Asian type self-aligning ball bushings that work with Lintech’s SM metric precision shafting to form a positioning system where Asian metric components are required for the system. The closed LBCME and the open LBOME are European type super linear ball bushings that will also work with Lintech SM metric precision shafting to form a positioning system where European metric components are required for the system.

Ball Screw Assemblies

Lintech has 3 different classes of ball screw assemblies. Each ball screw actuator is available in whatever length the user requires in increments of 0.001 inches up to the maximum length of a given screw length. The ball screw assembly has 5 different end support options to pick from, Simple : Simple, Fixed(LT) : Simple, Fixed(HT) : Simple, Rigid : Simple, and Rigid : Rigid. These all steel black oxide finish end supports provide a very rigid and solid screw support no matter what length of ball screw used. Each ball screw series has either a preloaded or non-preloaded nut assembly available as an options.

Ball Screw Configurations:
The rolled ball screw assemblies have a lead error of 0.003 inches / foot and a unidirectional repeatability of 0.0002 inches. The precision rolled ball screw series has a lead error of 0.002 inches / foot and a unidirectional repeatability of 0.0002 inches. The precision ground ball screw series has a lead error of 0.0005 inches / foot and a unidirectional repeatability of 0.0001 inches. Each ball screw assembly has a round flange, vertical bracket, or L bracket nut flange to choose from in either English or Metric mounts. Lintech also provides various motor adapter brackets, coupling options, rotary encoders, and brake options

Pillow Block Linear Bearings

Lintech manufactures various round rail ball bushing pillow block linear bearings in both open and closed versions. These linear pillow blocks are available with just one super bushing or two super bushings per each aluminum block, and are suited for the Lintech SL series class L shafting or the Lintech SA and TRSA shaft assemblies.

Linear Bearing Configurations:
The closed SLBC, DLBC and the open SLBO, DLBO are super linear ball bushing, inch series self-aligning pillow blocks. When these products are utilized together, they form a precision linear positioning system that can handle large load requirements, move with low torque/drag, and will also perform well in applications where there is slight mis-alignment between a pair of shafts or shaft assemblies. Thus, using a round rail linear bearing system can save valuable machine set up or manufacturing time. The open SLBO and the DLBO pillow blocks are designed for use with a shaft that is supported underneath its entire length of travel. The closed SLBC and the DLBC pillow block bearings are designed for use when the associated linear shaft is supported at each end with some shaft end supports. Customers can either make their own pillow block bearing assembly or use the Lintech TRCA carriage assembly that has one or two pillow blocks per aluminum plate.

Miniature Profile Rail Linear Guides

The MR series is miniature 2 row re-circulating profile rail linear guide bearing. The block and LM linear profile rail is made of 440 stainless steel and has an option for seals on both ends of the block and on the bottom of the block. There is also an option for a self, or long, lube block, along with a reenforced block seal that allows for the block to obtain higher speeds. Three different accuracy grades are available, N grade, H grade, and P grade. The blocks are available in either a normal or long length, while the rail width is available in a normal or wide version. Theses different sizes allow for different block load capacities.

Lintech carries a large inventory of linear guide products in its facility and has the ability to do various modifications to these products with  internal machining cabability. They can cut to any length required, can machine custom mounting holes or ends, and can provide various plating options in order to create a more robust environment ready product. 

Profile Rail Linear Guides

Lintech has available 3 different profile rail linear guide versions to choose from. There is the miniature version, a cost effective automation series, and a high load capacity series.

Linear Square Rail Configurations:
The 2 row re-circulating miniature square rail MR series linear guide is available in sizes from 2 to 15 mm. The block and LM linear rail is made of 440c stainless steel and has several different seal options for the block end and bottom. The MR series is ideal for small space environment applications requiring light to medium load capacities, while maintaining very precise positioning accuracy and repeatability. The 4 row re-circulating standard load capacity ARC series linear guide series is available in sizes 15 to 45 mm. The heavy load capacity HRC linear guide series is also available in 15 to 45 mm sizes, and is designed for those heavier load applications. There are short, standard, and long block versions available in each series, which allow the user to match the different capacities to the requirements of the application. Each bearing block has available different end and bottom seal versions and a self, long lasting lube option. Either the ARC or HRC block can fit on the same size alloy steel linear rail. Lintech allows the user to select any length rail to the nearest millimeter when ordering and precision cuts the rail to the requested length. 

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