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Jordan Valve Article: Boiler Feedwater Control

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Jordan Valve Article: Boiler Feedwater Control 1

What is boiler feedwater control?

From Jordan Valve: “Feedwater control is the regulation of water into the boiler drum. As steam from the boiler is output to the header and to the associated process equipment, more water flows into the boiler drum to replace it. For a given volume of steam and blowdown leaving the steam drum, an equal amount of water should replace it in the boiler. The control scheme for this operation can be complex, including flow control and level control loops. The feedwater control valve, or drum level control valve, provides the means for controlling flow to the boiler.

This article from Jordan Valve explains boiler feedwater control and why boiler liquid level control is important. In addition they explain boiler level control loops in single element, two-element, and three-element schemes. Take a look at the full article to learn more and see what valve is recommended for boiler feedwater control. 

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