The Advantages of Using Conversion Adapters

Advantages of Using Conversion Adapters

Brian Crisp | June 15th, 2018

Foreign equipment and machinery is being purchased and imported into the United States at an increasing rate. If these items are equipped with hydraulics or pneumatics, then it is likely that the port threads on the motion controls along with the hoses and tubing will have Metric or British type threads.

The fittings that come standard from the original equipment manufacturer are not always readily available in the configurations needed to make repairs. This can cause several problems such as costly downtime, severe leaks, or safety issues. Another issue that sometimes occurs, is installing incorrect threads into the port thread on equipment which can cause irreversible damage and will only make the problem worse.

Often an individual can achieve what is needed by using a conversion adapter. Conversion adapters are offered in a variety of thread configurations and combinations:

  • straight
  • 45-degree elbows
  • 90-degree elbows

Some of the combinations are:

  • British to SAE
  • Metric to SAE
  • Japanese to JIC
  • British to JIC
  • British to O-Ring Flat Face
  • Metric to NPTF
  • British to NPTF

Here are two examples of common adapter combinations.

Male JIC X Male Metric. Also available Male JIC X Male BSPP or Male BSPT.

Once the international fitting has been replaced with a conversion adapter some individuals choose to not remove it, because of the convenience and availability of working from a standard connection.

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