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Robotic Bin Picking

Robotic Automation for Bin Picking

In today’s manufacturing environment, the availability of good labor is at an all-time low.  To address this, automating simple repetitive machine tending is a great place to start, as it frees up existing labor to do higher value tasks. In the past there have been a number of impediments to pursuing these opportunities, including the availability of floor space, safety concerns, and requirements to change dunnage.

Any application where parts have to go through a multi-step process and must be placed into a bin between steps are ideal for the use of robotics and automation. Commonly this is seen in plastic injection molding, automotive and medical device manufacturing industries.  These jobs are mundane and repetitive, and are not an efficient use of human operators. Additionally, tasks like these can lead to carpal tunnel or other physical injuries due to their repetitive nature.

Cross has developed a 3D bin picking solution that eliminates the need for part singulation without disrupting your current process. This mobile solution combines the most robust 3D bin picking solution on the market with the most widely used collaborative robot on the planet.  Together, this system alleviates the need for complex methods of part handling, separation, and orientation.  This gives the collaborative robot the ability to locate, orient, and pick parts out of a bin just as a human operator would.  Additionally, the robot can be programmed to recognize multiple parts, allowing both for parts to be interchanged and the system to be used for kitting applications.

Bin Picking Robot in Action with 3D Software

Integrated Industrial Automation

3D bin picking software for industrial manufacturingThis turnkey solution can quickly be integrated into your current process.  All that is required to begin are CAD models of the parts it will be picking. Our team can handle all of the end-of-arm tooling, part teaching, and programming requirements to ensure the system is ready to work for you. More often than not, the platform can be placed in your operation wherever a human operator would stand to complete the same task, allowing for minimal disruption to your current process. Key features of the Cross 3D Bin Picking Solution include:

  • Quick start solution – simply teach part geometry and place the platform
  • Collaborative robot with 3, 5, or 10 kg payload
  • Cross’s robust 3D vision system able to handle applications other solutions cannot including: shiny surfaces, thin parts, and complex surface geometry
  • Fast cycle times – parts can be located in less than 3 seconds
  • Mounted end of arm tooling specific to part geometry and gripping needs
  • Ability to pick a wide range of part sizes from as small as 10 x 10 mm (see spec. chart below)
  • Programmable for variable bin sizes and depths
  • Optional partial recognition of large work pieces
  • Optional dictionary creation
  • Onsite installation, startup, and training by a Cross Robotics engineer included

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Custom Automation Solutions That Work

Bin picking is an application of automation created through a combination of robotics and computing. That means that bin picking robotic systems are customizable to the needs of individual manufacturers. We understand that no two companies are exactly alike. The production needs of one facility may be drastically different than another (even within the same industry). That’s why Cross Bin Picking Solutions are designed and implemented with your goals and processes in mind.

The Future of Materials Handling Systems


Robotic bin picking automation is the direction many manufacturing companies are moving. Simply put, a robot can work for longer (and with greater efficiency) than its human counterpart. Implementing bin picking automation can save companies time and money by reducing previously time-intensive tasks. This frees up workers who would otherwise be engaged in monotonous picking tasks all day.

As the manufacturing industry moves in a more automated direction, industrial robotics is a field that can’t be ignored. As the robotics industry grows, the prevalence of automation systems like robotic bin picking will only increase. With that in mind, the question becomes: can you afford not to automate?

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