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Automated Material Removal

Improve efficiency in your Material Removal Applications

At Cross Automation, we know that force control, larger surface areas and frequent media changes in material removal applications can be time consuming and labor intensive. All of these factors can be better controlled through the use of an automated solution. Did you know, As little as five minutes of downtime can take 30-40 minutes to recoup in production? We offer customized solutions for automated material removal such as material deburring, polishing after processing, and everything between. Work with our automation team to reduce the risk of downtime, and improve quality in your process.

Why Automated Material Removal?

From consistency to reduced risk of downtime, there are a number of reasons to utilize an automated solution in your material removal process. Take a look at a few of the biggest benefits and reach out to our automation team to determine how we can implement a solution to improve your process.

More Efficient Coverage

Larger surface areas require a greater reach and can have complex shapes – while humans struggle to follow straight lines a robot can be programmed to a structured path for more efficient coverage.

Consistency on Complex Surfaces

Active force control is ideal for complex shapes and more difficult for a human to do consistently.

Reduced Downtime and Errors

By employing an automated solution to handle the faster path speed with better control, downtime and errors can be significantly reduced.

Utilize Operators More Efficiently

Utilizing automation frees up the operator to do more meaningful tasks that would be too difficult and impractical to automate.

Eliminate Risk of Injury

Robotic finishing eliminates the risk of operators sustaining repetitive strain injuries.

Prolong Abrasive Life

Can prolong abrasive life due to consistent force application

Offering Automated Solutions For A Full Range Of Material Removal Applications

Because floorspace can be limited in applications such as metal processing environments, many of the solutions we have implemented require no more space than a human operator. In addition, many applications utilize collaborative technology so automation can be worked into a process even with the need for human intervention. This versatility means our solutions can be utilized for a full range of material removal applications, from the most aggressive to the most delicate. Take a look at process efficiencies where automated solutions can be implemented with a fast ROI in material removal applications:






Why Cross?

Our automation engineers focus on all aspects of your project from start to finish. We’ve helped customers successfully implement automated solutions into a range of applications like composite or metal processing to significantly improve efficiency.

Our engineers will work with your team to design and deliver a solution tailored to your specific needs. Having experience with a range of processes and applications in a number of industries helps our team bring a variety of proven solutions into the mix to find the best match for your process.

Our experts are there to ensure your project gets off to a good start. From design all the way through to your first run in production, we’ll be right there to troubleshoot, and make adjustments to get the solution just right.

After startup and once you get into your full speed production groove, there may be new opportunities to further improve efficiency in your process. Maybe you uncover another bottleneck, or determine there is a need to further configure your solution for an additional capability. Our team offers follow up support as needed, and will help your team look for additional automation opportunities.


Other Automation Solutions from Cross

We’ve implemented a a range of automation solutions that have driven results in several industries. Take a look at some of our other automation solutions and reach out to a Cross Automation expert for information about how one one of these solutions can benefit your operation. 


See How Our Automation Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk In Your Operation

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