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Hydraulic Reservoir Design

Optimized Hydraulic Reservoir Systems

Mobile hydraulic machines are in a constant battle for optimized space. In a facility, space may still be limited. But as a general rule, there is much more room to work with. Mobile machines, on the other hand, by their nature must have well-designed layouts to maximize efficiency and minimize breakdowns.

As an OEM for mobile industrial equipment (on or off-road), you know that this is particularly apparent when it comes to mounting hydraulic components. In many cases, standard hydraulic reservoir tanks may not fit in the space available. Or they may fit, but not allow space for additional hydraulic equipment.

At Cross, we’ve worked in hydraulic reservoir tank design for more than two decades. We’ve designed custom reservoirs and power units for mobile industrial machinery OEMs and many other heavy vehicle manufacturers. And we’re excited to work with you to optimize your industrial mobile systems, too.

Your Next Hydraulic Reservoir

Your current hydraulic reservoir tank design may be limiting its performance (and therefore your bottom line). Our goal is to fix that.

Our team of engineers will work with you to design a custom hydraulic reservoir or hydraulic power unit that will fit the available machine footprint, simplify your installation, and be easy to troubleshoot. That’s the difference optimized hydraulic reservoir systems can make

Talk to a Cross hydraulic reservoir expert today to get started.

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Benefits of Custom Hydraulic Power Units and Reservoirs

Pre-configured hydraulic power units and standard hydraulic reservoir designs for mobile machinery may get the job done in many cases. But not all of them can simultaneously meet design requirements while functioning as needed. For instance, a system with high flow or long duty cycles will generally benefit greatly from a custom built power unit or reservoir.

There are many other cases where a custom hydraulic fluid reservoir or hydraulic power unit will be more optimal for performance than pre-configured. Some instances we’ve observed include

Systems requiring constant power at specific pressures

Systems with short cycle times

Systems in unfavorable environmental conditions

Systems that require specific HPU positioning

Systems with complex internal designs

Systems particularly limited on available space

Optimal Hydraulic Performance

Though hydraulic reservoirs mainly provide storage for the reserve hydraulic fluid, they also act as a radiator to dissipate heat from the fluid. They also filter out heavy particles of potential contamination, keeping them out of the hydraulic fluid in circulation.

Those that work with fluid power know this is crucial to maintaining machine performance and a working hydraulic system. Failure at any of these points can mean potential hydraulic machine shutdown and unplanned downtime. No worksite or equipment manufacturer needs that.

To optimally perform its functions, a custom HPU or hydraulic reservoir may be necessary. And that’s where we come in. We work with you to understand your mobile machine and operational needs. That way, we can design the ideal hydraulic system for optimal mobile machine performance.

Efficiently Dissipate Heat

Filter Heavy Particles and Pollutants

Reduce Unplanned Maintenance

Sized To Your Heavy Machine

Maintain Reserve Hydraulic Fluid

Optimize Your Machine Design

Working Across Industries

When it comes to optimizing your hydraulic system, customization is often necessary. Hydraulic reservoirs come in a wide array of materials, sizes, and even styles. But these standard parts may not suit the individual needs of every customer.

Specially designed hydraulic reservoirs and power systems can be made for a variety of hydraulic systems across a wide range of industries. And there are often greater benefits to having a custom-built hydraulic reservoir than just going with the standard configurations.

At Cross, we’ve worked with mobile hydraulic vehicles across many industries. And we’ve learned that set-ups that work for one industry may not be optimal for another. It’s about understanding the unique requirements, design, and needs of an individual hydraulic system. Understanding those factors is often what leads to an optimal hydraulic reservoir design.

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The Hydraulic Reservoir Company You Need

At Cross, we offer much more than just hydraulic reservoir design. We can also provide the services our OEM and other equipment manufacturer partners need to succeed. Check out our other services and see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hydraulic reservoir is designed to hold the hydraulic fluid while transferring heat out of the system. It also allows potential contaminants to settle so as not to damage any other part of the system. Hydraulic reservoirs also allow for the release of trapped air or moisture within the fluid.

As a general rule, when it comes to sizing a tank, the volume should be 2-4x the pump flow (in gpm). However, different systems have different requirements. Some may require a larger tank, and other systems may operate optimally with less fluid. It depends on the machine, which is why it’s crucial to speak with an expert.

Hydraulic systems are greatly affected by both the level of fluid and its quality. A fluid level that’s too low may result in air contamination or temperature problems as the system is unable to regulate its own heat. Both of these issues are also compounded by leaks. So it’s important to have your systems assembled by experts to avoid these problems.

Why Cross Hydraulic Reservoir Design?

When it comes to optimized hydraulic reservoir systems, there’s a lot to take into account. From system size to the number of connections to the size of the tank, there are many components of a hydraulic system that need expert attention. And when production or a work day can come to a grinding halt due to problems with any of these components, having a trusted hydraulic reservoir tank design company working with you is a necessity.

At Cross Mobile Systems Integration group, we’ve worked with mobile hydraulic machines for decades. We’ve worked with a wide range of companies across a variety of industries. But one thing has been constant: we’ve always provided outstanding service to all of our OEM and other manufacturing customers.

Contact a member of our Mobile Systems Integration team to discuss your next hydraulics project today.

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See How Our Mobile Systems Integration Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk

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