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Mobile Control Panel Design and Build

Control Panels for Mobile Vehicles

In a mobile vehicle, space is at a premium due to the limited profile of an off-road or on-road vehicle. We see these challenges every day when developing custom controls, control panels, and mobile hydraulic solutions for our customers.

Our team of engineers can design custom control panels for vehicles based on needs such as space and production requirements. Cross custom control panels help our customers get the most out of their mobile work vehicles. From design to integration, our custom mobile control panel solutions have optimized performance for a wide variety of mobile machine systems.

Why Get a Custom Control Panel from Cross?

When designing a mobile machine control panel, there are a number of special considerations that make them different from an industrial panel. This is primarily because mobile vehicle panels are just that – mobile.

They are exposed to the elements, subjected to heavy vibration, have unique space limitations, and are required to mate up to vehicle wire harnesses. For this reason, it is important to work with a company that has experience in building control panels specifically for on and off-road mobile machine applications.

Mobile vehicle control panels need to meet the requirements of the system they’re installed in. It’s crucial they meet the physical requirements (that is, functioning within the intended conditions and within the space allotted to them). But also that they are capable of maintaining efficiency when faced with extreme temperatures or inclimate weather. Cross control panels for mobile equipment are designed with all these factors in mind.

Benefits of Cross Mobile Machine Panels

There’s a reason many have opted to utilize Cross mobile industrial equipment control panels. Our integrated control panels are often able to meet the needs of our customers in a way that many panels can’t. Our combination of mobile system engineering expertise and high-quality materials has made for some of the best performing and most durable control panels available.

Some of the features of our mobile panels include

Custom Mounting

Mounted outside on the chassis of an on-road vehicle

Operator-Friendly Design

A clear front panel for operator use while the door is closed

Durable Construction

Shatterproof to protect the HMI from road debris during transit

Intuitive HMI

The 7” HMI display gives the operator an interface to all machine parameters such as blower temperature, vacuum levels, and vehicle RPM

Strong Builds

Robust, continuous hinge to support door sturdiness

Control Redundancies

Interior air manifold, CAN-based controller and display, wireless remote control receiver, and built-in diodes for a manual override on some body functions should the control system fail

Performance Reporting

Recording of engine fault codes. Also has exterior USB port for data logging, such as during unsafe operating conditions.

Engine Control

Controls engine RPM along with controlling vehicle body functions

Simplified Wiring

All connections are quick disconnect, which allows for easier wiring and installation. No more wiring on the production floor!

Familiarity with Mobile Vehicle Environments and Needs

Overall, when trusting someone to build a control panel for your mobile equipment, you need to make sure that they understand the unique demands of a mobile environment. The best way to ensure this is to work with a team that regularly builds machine control panels for exactly that purpose.

At Cross Mobile Systems Integration, we have the tools and expertise to build a panel that is perfect for your application. With our years of integrated control panel design experience, we will build a panel for your equipment that will stand up to the environment, fit into your space requirements, and with the proper connectivity for your vehicle harnesses.

The environments that heavy mobile work equipment is exposed to are decidedly different from the areas where typical industrial panels are installed. A mobile system control panel needs to have the proper NEMA rating for the type of environment that it will be in.

Typically, Cross mobile control panels and components have a minimum protection rating of IP67. Additionally, the mobile vehicle environment requires the use of tougher, more rugged components that can stand up in outdoor conditions. Mobile equipment also runs on lower voltage and higher currents. Many typical industrial panel shops may not even have vendors for these parts.

For instance, MTW, or machine tool wire, would not be appropriate for a mobile environment. Instead, you would need automotive Crosslink Wire with GLX insulation that can handle the higher heat experienced by mobile units.

Lower Production Time

Lower Labor Costs

Lower Power Consumption

Lower Control Cabinet Size

Lower Wasted Panel Space

Lower Heat Build-Up

Custom Control Panel Fabrication

When building a panel for a mobile machine application, the typical rules don’t apply. Mobile vehicle panels tend to be more compact so they can fit into the space available on the equipment, meaning that standard panel sizes will not work.

For this reason, the free space requirements of a normal industrial control panel are not relevant.

Additionally, when building a mobile heavy machine control panel, you need to consider where it will be located on the equipment, how that affects the location of components and the necessity of intrusion protection.

Our engineering team works directly with a custom panel fabrication shop to make sure that every industrial control panel enclosure is perfectly made for the application.

We’ve provided control panels for a variety of industrial applications, including

control panel for a mobile system from cross

The Mobile System Control Panel Company You Need

At Cross, we offer much more than just control panel building. We can also provide the services our OEM and other equipment manufacturer partners need to succeed. Check out our other services and see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Control panels house the electrical components that allow control and automation of a mobile work machine. A well-designed control panel should have clear component placement with an intuitive layout, expert wire placement, and appropriate spacing for ease of integration. The components generally would be expected in a good control panel design.

At the most basic level, control panels for mobile machines and vehicles are made through a combination of devices that electrically control mechanical functions necessary of the industrial machinery. They are made up of the panel structure and various electrical components based on the machine requirements.

Our first step when designing control panels for heavy work machinery is to familiarize ourselves with the design of the mobile work vehicle itself. What sort of environment will it be in? What are the spatial limitations? Is it entirely hydraulic, electric, or a hybrid? Knowing these specifications allows us to build based on your requirements.

mobile technology for cross mobile systems integration group

Why Cross Control Panel Design & Build?

High-quality industrial control panels are a necessity in today’s industrial environment. That makes finding the right control panel manufacturer a very important decision for OEMs and other equipment manufacturers. We’re here to help you make the right decision.

At Cross, we’ve built custom control panels for a wide variety of mobile machines across a wide array of industries. And we can build them for you, too.

If you need a new control panel for a work machine, heavy vehicle, or any other mobile industrial equipment, we can help. Contact us today and see how we can work with you to design the right control panel for your application.

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