100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Custom Control Panels for Mobile Systems

On a mobile vehicle, space is at a premium due to the limited profile of an off-road or on-road vehicle. We see these challenges every day when developing custom controls and hydraulic solutions for our customers.

Our team of engineers designs custom control panels based on your vehicle’s needs such as space and production requirements. Take a look at the highlights of the custom control panel in our overview video.

  • Mounted outside on the chassis of an on-road vehicle.
  • A clear front panel for operator use while the door is closed.
  • Shatterproof to protect the HMI from road debris during transit.
  • The 7” HMI display gives the operator an interface to all machine parameters such as blower temperature, vacuum levels, and vehicle RPM.
  • Robust, continuous hinge to support door sturdiness.
  • Inside the panel, you will find an air manifold, CAN-based controller and display, wireless remote control receiver, and built-in diodes for a manual override on some body functions should the control system fail.
  • Records engine fault codes and controls engine RPM along with controlling vehicle body functions.
  • On the outside of the panel is a USB port for data logging, such as during unsafe operating conditions.
  • All connections are quick disconnect, which allows for easier wiring and installation. No more wiring on the production floor!

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