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SafetyWorks Programs

The Parker SafetyWorks program is part of Cross’s commitment to helping people in all types of jobs to learn, understand and follow safe practices.  Pressurized fluids are often used to perform working hydraulic, pneumatic and material-transport systems. A failure in a fluid system can result in property damage, personal injury or even death. As a result, it is critical to follow safe practices in assembling and working with pressurized systems and their components.

Training Seminars and Services

Have a hose, fluid connector or tube or hose fabrication question? Don’t hesitate to call Cross Hose and Fittings. With over 50 years of experience, a Cross employee-owner can help you answer your question.  From hose routing tips and troubleshooting to critical safety procedures a Cross Certified Fluid Connector Specialist can assist you anytime, anywhere.

Interested in learning more about our hose and fitting training and safety? Contact a Cross team member today to discuss your application in detail and see how our services can benefit your operation!