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Doosan Singularity Avoidance


If you’ve ever programmed a robot you’ve likely dealt with singularity issues. Singularities occur when a process reaches its limits. Specifically in robotics, this happens when joint axes are aligned or near the edge of their travel limits, causing the robot to lock up. Doosan cobots offer two built in features for dealing with singularities: variable velocity, and auto avoidance. Watch this video to learn how both work and contact Cross to discuss your next automation project.

Doosan Robotics is able to provide a wide range of collaborative robot (cobot) solutions for the manufacturing industry and the industrial world. With many different Doosan robot models to choose from, they offer one of the most diversified lines of cobots on the market today.

If you’re interested in automating manual processes, freeing up personnel from repetitive tasks, or just increasing overall productivity, Doosan may be the solution for you.

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