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Cross Company Application Note: MiniKrimp Hose Repair for Campbell Crane

Cross Hose & Fittings Gets Campbell Crane Up and Running Fast with MiniKrimp

When Campbell Crane needed a hose repaired on their crane they called Cross Hose & Fittings in Asheville. They were working on a big job and the blown hose was keeping them from getting the job done on time, so they needed to get back up and running quickly. Because it would take too long to remove the hose, the customer asked if we could repair it onsite. Although the Asheville store doesn’t yet have a Hose Doctor for onsite service, Brett, Retail Sales Manager, went out to help the customer.

Initially, the customer hoped to repair the hose using field attachable fitting. However, upon inspection, it became clear that those would not work with their hose. Instead, Brett suggested using a Parker MiniKrimp. It worked great, allowing him to repair the old hose and get the crane back up and running within an hour– in the rain, none the less!

Application Note: MiniKrimp Hose Repair for Campbell Crane 11

The MiniKrimp was a perfect solution for this repair because it is lightweight (45 lbs) and portable while still being highly capable and corrosion-resistant. All you need to operate it is a compressor with as little as 60 PSI. The MiniKrimp features Parkalign which positions the fitting correctly every time, so no gauge is needed for setup.

Want to learn more about how the affordable MiniKrimp from Parker can help you reduce downtime and improve your efficiency? Contact our hose & fitting experts today to learn more!

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