100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Why You Should Label Your Hose Assemblies

Labeling hose assemblies will improve productivity by reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The Parker Tracking System (PTS) is an innovative component-tagging and asset management solution offered through Parker production facilities and business partners, like Cross Hose & Fittings.

Today’s equipment and machines are more connected than ever before. Capturing the details of each component is key to maximizing uptime and reducing user error. For example, an equipment operator notices that a hydraulic line appears to be worn and is in need of replacement. Rather than removing the hose assembly, resulting in downtime, the job foreman scans the PTS barcode through the app and calls into the closest Cross Hose & Fittings location. By relaying the PTS ID, the store is able to make the hose assembly and have it waiting for the crew when they arrive. This exact PTS data decreases the chance of error in the production of the hose assembly and increased the speed of repair ultimately.

Everybody wins.

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Use Parker PTS with a Mobile Device

How to Set Up Parker Tracking System

Setting up PTS is as easy as asking for the label to be put on your next hose assembly when you are in a Cross Hose & Fittings retail location. By an associate adding the label, the data is captured for your future reference and the benefits are immediate. Imagine having all of your critical-wear components captured so accurately that a phone call, or a click on the app, could have you back up and running faster than ever before. That’s the advantage of simply labeling a hose assembly.

Parker Tracking System Promise:

  • Fast: Identify and replace products faster.
  • Easy: Clear markings and global service partners deliver a seamless experience.
  • Exact: PTS details eliminate product identification guesswork that can lead to poor performance or delays.

Success Stories:

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