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Industrial Services and Solutions in Kentucy

Offering A Range Of Industrial Services And Solutions In Kentucky

With expertise in a range of industrial processes, the teams at Cross can help you improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk, no matter the application. From precision measurement to industrial automation, we are here to help and have the infrastructure to keep your operation running smoothly. Our teams work throughout the entire state of Kentucky with customers in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, and everywhere between. So anywhere you are, we’ll always be local!

When you work with Cross Company, we go one step further than just servicing your equipment. As employee owners, our teams are constantly looking for ways to help our customers improve their processes, because when our customers win, we win! Our engineers, technicians, and application specialists work with customers every day to create and implement solutions. That proven track record is how we offer industry leading expertise! Take a look at our industrial services in Kentucky and get in touch with a local team member to start a conversation about your process.

Precision Measurement Services In Kentucky

  • Dimensional Calibration
  • Force Calibration
  • Pressure Calibration
  • Weight And Scale Calibration
  • Temperature And RH Calibration
  • Torque Calibration

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  • Airbag Systems Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Materials Testing
  • Mechanical And Electrical Testing
  • Reliability And Durability Testing

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  • First Article Inspection
  • PPAP Submission Services
  • Process Capability Analysis
  • Quality Sorting Services
  • Roundness Measurement

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  • Embedded Dimensional Inspection
  • Incoming Parts Inspection
  • Power Tool Repair
  • QC Torque Auditing

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Cross Company Locations Serving Kentucky

Cross Company Brands

Interested in a particular piece of equipment? With an industry leading number or distributorships in the U.S. Cross company offers a range of industrial products. Check out our brand offering for Kentucky!

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Why Cross Company?

Choosing to partner with Cross is a commitment to creating a quality product or experience for your end user. Our mission is to create sustainable, productive, and efficient solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Whether it’s precision measurement and testing to ensure quality, a complete overhaul on a mobile machine, or anything in between, our engineers can help you with a solution to improve your process.

There’s a reason we’ve been innovating the industrial world for as long as we have. Cross Company has become synonymous with quality for our customers due to our products, services, solutions, and above all, our dedication to our customers. Our philosophy is simple: when you succeed, we succeed. So we work hard to give you everything you need to succeed. That way we can innovate the industrial world together.

If you need help improving your process, our team is here to help. We’ve worked with customers in almost every industry and know what it takes to successfully incorporate a solution that not only works, but stands out in your process. Our custom solutions combined with experience and expertise is what sets Cross apart in the industrial world. See how we can help your operation!





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Did you know… Cross Company is an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Our ESOP started in 1979 and as of 2006, we are 100% employee-owned! Learn more about our ESOP and how that benefits both team members and our customers.
Did you know... the precision measurement group at Cross was founded in 1939 by our current CEO's grandfather, Jim King. That's a whole lot of calibration!
Did you know... A fingerprint weighs about 50 micrograms. We know, we weighed it! The residue left from a finger can actually make a difference in weight results which is why we wear gloves when we calibrate weights. For reference, a sheet of paper is about 4.5 grams, that’s 4.5 million micrograms.
Did you know… Cross Company has grown significantly since our start in 1954. Over the years we've acquired 26 companies! Today, our five groups have expertise in everything from industrial automation to precision measurement, and industry knowledge going all the way back to 1939.