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Founded in 1945, HORIBA manufactures and sells automotive emission measurement systems, environmental measuring instruments, a wide range of scientific analyzers and medical diagnostic analyzers, and measurement equipment used in the semi-conductor industry. HORIBA Process and Environmental focuses on environmental and process analysis. Take a look at some of the HORIBA products Cross Company offers customers in our territories:

  • Stack Gas Analyzers
  • CEMS (Continuous emission monitoring systems) 
  • Process Analyzer Systems
  • Transportable Gas Analyzers
  • Water Quality Monitoring Systems

Interested in getting a quote for a HORIBA product? Our team of experts have worked with customers in a wide range of process applications across multiple industries. With such a variety of options available, finding the right solution is important. We can work with your team to determine the best solution your operation. Start a conversation with a Cross expert today!  


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