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Doosan Robotics H-Series Cobots

Doosan Robotics H-Series Cobots 1

H Series Overview

The Doosan Robotics H-Series lineup offers a high payload option for a range of collaborative robot applications. The cobots in this series offer payload capacities of 20kg and 25kg with reach of 1700mm and 1500 respectively. Repeatability of ±0.1 mm allows those higher payloads to move with precision. As an authorized distributor for Doosan Robotics Americas, Cross Company is proud to offer the full H-Series lineup of collaborative robots throughout our territories in the U.S. Take a look at all the H-Series has to offer and contact one of our local automation experts to determine which model is right for your operation.

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Available In The Following Areas

With an extensive background in a variety of industries, Cross has relationships with a number of leading brands, including exclusive distributorships in some areas. We are proud to offer Doosan Robotics in the following areas:





North Carolina

South Carolina



Features and Benefits

Take a look at features and benefits of the Doosan Robotics H-Series line of collaborative robots.

Doosan Robotics H-Series Cobots 2 High+ Payload

Experience the overwhelming payload capable of easily handling heavy objects up to 25 kg!

Doosan Robotics H-Series Cobots 3

High+ Safety

The highest collision sensitivity in the industry, with six high-tech torque sensors Through the application of a counterbalance mechanism, the light-weight hardware reduces shock to improve the safety of the robots

Doosan Robotics H-Series Cobots 4

High+ Flexibility

Since relocation of the robots is easy and the robots are suitable for coupling with AGV and AMR due to their light weight of about one half of the equivalent six-axis multi-joint robots, various applications can be configured

Doosan Robotics H-Series Cobots 5

High+ Reach

Applicable to various work environments, with a wide work radius and the highest efficiency for multiple work processes or remote palletizing


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