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Work Area Sanitation and Tool Corrosion

Work Area Sanitation and Tool Corrosion 1

Have you noticed degradation or breakdown in your equipment post-COVID?

At several of our customer locations, we’ve noticed a unique problem since the start of the pandemic. In an effort to keep work areas sanitary, facilities have implemented more regular cleaning and sanitation on the line which often includes spraying sanitizing agents. The repeated application of harsh chemicals has resulted in equipment issues caused by rust, corrosion, or the hardening of grease. The effect is particularly true for torque tools and hand tools because they are handled so often and need to be cleaned more regularly. The impacts of sanitizers may be obvious on the outside of the tool. But the impact is happening on the inner workings of the tool as well, making the devices difficult to operate and measurement data unreliable. If you are concerned about this issue in your facility, contact our team today. We can help with preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

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