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WIKA Whitepaper: Wastewater Instruments & Technology

WIKA Whitepaper: Wastewater Instruments & Technology 1

Take a look at WIKA’s latest white paper and offering for wastewater instruments and technology. This writeup discusses the water treatment process, including; preliminary treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment, and more. 

“Modern treatment plants use a sophisticated system of pumping and booster stations, filters, storage tanks, digestion towers, and more to clean wastewater, and then either return it to the municipal supply or discharge the sanitized effluent into the environment. The specific processes vary from plant to plant, but it all begins when the influent is pumped into the wastewater treatment facility.”

The white paper from WIKA goes on to do an excellent job showing a visual layout of a water treatment plant and all of the stages in the water treatment process, along with why each stage is important and the primary function provided.

In addition, they layout some technology and products to help maintain quality in the process such as pressure gauges, submersible transmitters, and more. Are you interested in learning more? Fill out our form with some details about your application and we’ll have a specialist get in touch! Also, learn more about all the products we offer from WIKA.

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