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SensoNODE Blue

Kevin Olmstead | April 12th, 2016

Technology is a wonderful thing. From the latest smartphones, smartcars, and even smarthouses, we have taken leaps and bounds in the field of advancing computer technology in recent years. Even just 10 years ago, who would have thought I could make a hands-free bluetooth phone call using just my voice, while riding my motorcycle and wearing a helmet with a built-in microphone and speakers? Definitely not me!

Parker's SensoNODE Blue Sensors Change the Game

Our latest offering through Parker are the SensoNODE Blue Sensors that employ the Scout Mobile Software to make your predictive monitoring of pressure, temperature, and humidity as simple as texting a friend. SensoNODE Blue is Parker’s series of Bluetooth-powered sensors. Wireless and lightweight, they are designed to provide simple solutions for diagnostic and condition monitoring applications with mobile devices, through both the ios and android platforms, free of charge in the app store.

SensoNODE sensors do not require an external power supply, making them easy to use in any location. They are also made of corrosion resistant materials to handle most any environment. All three sensors (pressure, temperature, and humidity) are offered with threaded connector ports for ease of installation into existing systems. The temperature monitoring SensoNODE is also offered in a built-in clamping option, for ease of movement to multiple locations and pieces of equipment.

With real time information, and the ability to connect up to 5 sensors simultaneously, SensoNODE Blue Sensors are an innovating, affordable, and mobile monitoring solution that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

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