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Machine Builder Industry Newsletter – June 2024

Unique Precision Motion Control Applications

Cross’s CEO John King is joined by James Hutchins, application engineer in Cross’s Automation group for the 11th installment of our podcast, Innovating the Industrial World. James shares stories of tough challenges in precision motion control which Cross has been able to solve. Find out how Cross helped an OEM customer design a machine to print a dot which is a fifth the size of a human hair onto a contoured metal surface and more…..

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What's New at Cross

New Partnership for Precision, Multi-Carriage Motion Control Systems: Bell - Everman

Cross Automation is delighted to announce our new partnership with Bell-Everman, a leader in precision motion control systems. From precision linear bearings to multi-axis robotic systems, Bell-Everman’s product line reflects a commitment to innovation and quality. With over 15 patents (and counting), Bell-Everman has established a proven record of innovation, working to stay ahead of the curve and keep operations ahead of their competitors. They cater to OEM customers in need of custom-built motion subsystems and capital equipment.

Accredited Pi Tape Calibration

Machine Builder Industry Newsletter - June 2024 2

Diameter tapes, commonly known as Pi Tapes, are used to find the diameter of an object based on the circumference. Using the formula for pi, the graduations on these tapes act as a vernier scale to quickly find the diameter. Cross Precision Measurement now offers ISO-17025 accredited calibration and NIST-traceable calibration of pi tapes up to 72″.

Coval Multi-Stage Mini Vacuum Pumps

Looking for high suction rates in a small footprint? Look no further. The Coval CMS M multi-stage mini vacuum pump may be the answer. With an ultra-compact design and high suction rates, the CMS M series is available in two suction flow rates, with or without vacuum and blowoff control, and two exhaust configurations.

Did You Know?

Perfectly Balanced Pressure and Flow

Danfoss main company logo

Do you need a versatile screw-in cartridge valve to balance pressure and flow in your hydraulic system? Danfoss‘s line of flow control valves precisely factor in the temperature, pressure and volume of flow for efficient handling of each application.

With a pressure rating of up to 350 bar (5,000 psi) and a flow rating up to 350 L/min (92 gal/min), the Danfoss SICV range is made of hardened and grounded steel or aluminum for maximum durability and reliability.

Cross Provides Tangible Value for You

Improve Efficiency

Schunk‘s new BSWS-R allows the jaws of a gripper on a robot or axis gantry to be changed automatically which is much faster than changing the entire gripper. This increases flexibility, as a single gripper can be used for various applications and saves time when converting between them, as different workpieces can be handled by simply changing the gripper fingers. It also has a PGN-plus-P fingerprint, making it fully compatible with a wide range of other Schunk grippers for retrofits.

Machine Builder Industry Newsletter - June 2024 3

Improve Efficiency

Sometimes a little thing can be a huge time saver! Take this wireless button from Cross partner Omron. Instead of wires dictating where you need to put a push button, what if you could put it where it was ergonomically efficient? Or time efficient?

With a range of 100 feet, the wireless A2W button can even be mounted on mobile machinery, as it will reacquire the signal when it gets in range. For example, the forklift driver can have an A2W button in their truck to open the roll door, instead of getting out. There’s also no need to worry about changing batteries, as the wireless buttons have self-generating power. Use up to 8 buttons with one receiver.

Machine Builder Industry Newsletter - June 2024 4

Reducing Risk

Pneumatic rotary actuators play a pivotal role in the world of automation, bringing a blend of high torque and robust construction packaged in a cost-effective, compact component.

While the external controls are very simple, consisting primarily of a directional control valve, getting good performance from these actuators requires careful attention to some details. Cross supplier Rotomation outlines six main factors to consider.

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Latest Cross Company Updates

Alltrista Plastics significantly improved their quality control process by implementing LK Metrology’s advanced Altera S CMMs, replacing outdated machines.
July 15, 2024
This white paper from Universal Robots highlights the benefits of using collaborative robots (cobots) in the metals and machining industry. Cobots address challenges like labor shortages and high-mix/low-volume production with flexible, cost-effective automation.
July 2, 2024
This case study from OGP highlights how Technimark utilizes measurement systems like the OGP Fusion 400 to perform measurements in their quality lab.
July 1, 2024

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