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Life Sciences Industry Newsletter – October 2023

Could a Palletizer Improve the Efficiency of Your End of Line Process?

If you are still using human labor to manually palletize boxes, then it’s time to think about a robotic palletizer solution. Cross palletizing robots offer a flexible solution to eliminate repetitive, manual stacking and unstacking tasks. These collaborative robots can increase worker safety, overall efficiency with payback in two years or less for many customers.


What's New at Cross

Bimetal vs. Gas Actuated Thermometers

When it comes to industrial temperature measurement, two types of dial thermometers are typically used, bimetal and gas-actuated thermometers. Which measuring principle should be used depends on a number of different factors, such as response time, temperature limits & application range.

Check out this video from our Supplier WIKA. They explain the differences in bimetal vs gas-actuated thermometers, the benefits of each, and why you might want to use one or the other in particular applications.


Brooks Mass Flow Controllers Ideal for C>

Life Sciences Industry Newsletter - October 2023 1

Cell & gene therapies (C>) are a promising milestone to treat or cure diseases like Hemophilia, Huntington’s Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia, Parkinson’s Disease, cancers, and rare diseases. What is making C> unique is that the level of attacking a disease is at the cell or gene level and not just symptomatic.

The bioreactors used for G> are stirred tank reactors (STR) from small benchtop systems, up to 200L vessel volume requiring full cGMP compliance.

The SLA Series Biotech Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) from Brooks are a great match for these applications. They offer:

  • Four pre-calibrated gas pages (air, CO2, N2, O2)
  • High turndown ratio
  • Extremely low leak rate
  • FDA/USP Class VI and ADI-free elastomers and compliance certification

Contact us today to learn more about Brooks MFCs.

WIKA: Hygienic Inline Measurement for Pharma

WIKA’s new DMSU22SA in-line process transmitter allows for hygienic in-line pressure measurement for the pharmaceutical industry.

This is enabled through the patented sensor tube solution of the in-line process transmitter, in combination with the sensor monitoring within the double-tube system, providing optimum protection against process and environmental contamination. Contact us today to learn more!

Did you know?

Cross offers a wide range of services for control valves. From regular servicing and repair to retrofitting and valve automation, we are here to help you with all your valve needs. Contact us today to talk about your specific application.

Cross Provides Tangible Value for You

Life Sciences Industry Newsletter - October 2023 2

Reduce Risk

Are you regularly checking that the gas detectors in your facility are working? Even if they are calibrated, regular verification is needed to ensure that you are protected. When dealing with dangerous gases and fumes, you need to know that your employees are protected.

Cross can help with regular verification of your gas detectors. Reach out to us today to schedule service.

Life Sciences Industry Newsletter - October 2023 3

Improve Efficiency

Meeting increasing demand while maintaining safety and timeliness are key factors in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. These pressures are driving technologies that help meet regulatory requirements while delivering a competitive edge in terms of reliable and efficient performance.

Valmet works with many global industry leaders to address these needs and requirements with their valve controllers and monitors. They understand and take the special features and demands of customer’s production process into consideration in order to tailor a system that fits exactly to the particular case of a particular customer.

Life Sciences Industry Newsletter - October 2023 4

Raise Quality

Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) are critical instruments in the gas management subsystem for the bioreactor, responsible for maintaining precise gas control during the development of biologically active pharmaceutical grade cells and tissues. Key gasses including N2, O2, Air and CO2 flow through the MFC and into the bioreactor to control the cell growth and must not be contaminated by foreign materials in the gas supply.

The Brooks Instrument SLA Series Biotech mass flow controller can offer USP Class VI/ADI-free certification for all elastomeric material in the gas stream of the MFC (wetted path) including valve seats and O-rings.

See how our team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

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